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Admissions Announcements:

  • We are accepting applications for the academic year 2018-19
  • Please submit your college application to us as soon as you can
  • For a reminder of the documents we require, please see What forms do I need to complete?
  • We seek to offer the maximum possible support to all disabled students. Please see the Disability and Medical section of the Preparation and Arrival page for more information

Accommodation Announcements:

  • Student rooms in the College are priced by bands based on the size of the room, the room’s location, and whether or not it has en-suite bath or shower facilities. You can see information about the bands and current prices in the fees and charges section of the website.
  • In the spring, the College will set the band prices for the 2018-19 academic year, and at that point the room allocation process for new students will be opened. College student accommodation is only provided for those studying full-time.
  • Applicants who may have accommodation needs related to disability should contact the Disability Equality Officer as early as possible

Additional information about admissions

Additional information about accommodation

  • There are full details about accommodation at Hughes Hall on the Applicants’ Accommodation page
  • For information about finding accommodation privately, please see the Preparation and Arrival page
  • Some common questions are answered in the FAQ

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