The College has about 380 rooms available to students to rent, 285 rooms are in buildings making up the central college site surrounding the cricket field, and a further 95 are in houses located in the residential streets in the local area. Most rooms are for single occupancy, though the College has a few flats and bed-sitting-rooms available for couples. About half the student rooms have en-suite bathrooms (normally shower, toilet, hand basin) and other rooms have access to shared bathrooms (a mix of showers and baths etc.). Each year it is College policy to give priority for college accommodation on the central site to first-year students to give them the opportunity to become fully embedded in College life, and to support their transition into study here as effectively as possible. Second and third year students are encouraged to apply for rooms in the houses nearby.

In general terms, each year the College expects to offer accommodation to all new students confirmed by the end of August, and most new students confirmed after that date depending on availability. Availability of couples’ accommodation is likely to close earlier. The College also expects to provide accommodation to the majority of continuing students who request it each year. The College may have rooms available throughout the year, applicants should contact to inquire about availability.

  • The College’s Accommodation Guide provides more information about College buildings and rooms
  • There is a detailed guide to accommodation in college in the Accommodation Handbook
  • Contents insurance is included in rents for all College rooms.  Details of cover are available here

During Full Term, all full-time students must ‘keep residence’ by living in Cambridge. Students who need to spend time away from Cambridge for the purposes of their course must apply for leave to work away.

The College also expects to provide accommodation to the majority of continuing students