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Student wellbeing

We are here to support you

Hughes Hall is committed to protecting the health, wellbeing, and safety of our students, wherever you are. We appreciate this is a difficult time for you and we are here to support you. The information below is intended to support your wellbeing needs during this period of national restrictions, and beyond. As always, you are welcome to contact your tutor with any questions or concerns.

Useful wellbeing links and contacts

The University signposts to a great deal of COVID-19 wellbeing support here and here. The Cambridge Student Wellbeing Pages are available here and the University’s Counselling Service can be accessed here. Check out the links to see what might work best for you, as well as the Hughes Hall welfare page.

For students finding it hard, CPSL Mind and Cambridge University are offering weekly wellbeing support sessions. Good Mood Cafes, every Thursday at 2pm on Zoom, offer informal support and a positive and safe space to talk about student mental health and wellbeing. Open Door Calm Spaces take place every Wednesday at 3pm on Zoom and provide a safe space to learn self-help techniques such as breathing exercises and mindfulness, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. The University also offers free mindfulness classes – see here for further information. And, this flyer summarises some of the mindfulness programmes offered by the University each term. There are also a range of meditation sessions available for students and staff – full information available here.

Your MCR Committee will share details of any virtual or household events and, as ever, MCR social media channels on Facebook and Discord are available for you to use for virtual socialising, game nights, quizzes and more. Committee members are available if you have any questions or need support.

The University’s Sports division has launched new activities aimed at helping everyone maintain physical and mental fitness. These include a ‘Couch to 5 Km’ programme for novice runners, and a daily 15 minute drop-in online meditation session run by the University’s Mindfulness team. LinkedIn Learning, available to all University students, has useful guidance on practical subjects like working remotely, digital literacy and wellbeing, as well as mini-courses on non-work-related topics.

Health and wellbeing concerns

If you are worried you may have symptoms of COVID-19 visit here, follow the steps here, and inform the College Porters. Note that you are in the care of NHS111. Any change in your symptoms, and any need for medical assistance should be checked online via NHS111 – or by calling 999 in an emergency.

Your main point of contact in the UK for other (non-COVID-19) specialised help or treatment is your General Practitioner (GP). If you haven’t already registered with a local GP, please do – see how to here and a list of local GP practices here.

We have a College Nurse who works part-time – you can make an appointment with Maria to discuss your health or wellbeing concerns here or by email. Our College Counsellor, Isha Mehta, offers sessions for students which can be booked via the Moodle Booking system here.

Other Useful Links

• For health information from the National Health Service (NHS) including symptoms and isolating.
• The Stay Safe Cambridge Uni campaign has comprehensive information regarding COVID-19.
• Hughes Hall’s COVID-19 guidance section can be accessed here.
• For UK Government information on the latest guidance and national restrictions.
• You may also find these College contacts useful.