Preparation and Arrival

Preparation and Arrival

We are aware that the current global situation is a cause of concern for many applicants. The uncertainty we face is a challenge for students, teachers, and administrators in universities around the world, and at Hughes Hall we are working hard to prepare and adapt for the new academic year in October together with all our colleagues across the University of Cambridge. We continue to monitor the situation around the world so that we are ready to adapt as necessary. At present, the University is expecting to commence the new academic year as usual, making any necessary adjustments to how we operate that may be required.

Information sources

The College’s coronavirus information page is a helpful source of information and links about the College’s response to the pandemic:

The University has a general coronavirus information page which is available at:

Applicants for postgraduate study should check the Graduate Admissions Office coronavirus advice.

Applicants for undergraduate study should check the undergraduate coronavirus advice.


The process for allocating Hughes Hall student accommodation for new students arriving in 2020-21 has now opened. All applicants who accept an offer of membership of the College will be emailed a link to the Accommodation Preference Form, this form allows you to express your order of preference for the available price bands, we will record this and when you become eligible for accommodation we will offer you the highest band available in line with availability and the college’s Accommodation Allocation Policy. Please note that a request for accommodation at this stage does not guarantee you an offer of a room or tie you into taking College accommodation, it is purely a request to be considered. We would advise you to complete the preference form as early as possible as this will enable us to begin allocations as applicants become eligible to apply for it.

  • Student rooms in the College are priced by bands based on the size of the room, the room’s location, and whether or not it has en-suite bath or shower facilities. Prices for 2020/2021 can be found on the fees and charges page.
  • Pictures of rooms and shared facilities can be found in the MCR Accommodation look book. (Please note, we are no longer renting Swirles court for the next academic year.)
  • There is information about College accommodation in the Student Centre > Accommodation pages.

Disability and Medical

The College and the University work together to offer the maximum possible support to all disabled students. The earlier we are aware of any disability, the better we are able to ensure that all the arrangements you require are in place before you start here (e.g. study skills support, suitable accommodation and exam access arrangements). You may also find that you are eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) or other available funding to support your needs. If you would like support, please contact the College’s Disability Equality Officer. The University’s Disability Resource Centre can provide further guidance, tel: +44 1223 332301, email:

There is additional guidance about equality and diversity at Hughes Hall in the About Us section.

It is essential all students register with a local doctor whilst studying. To do this you may need to request a letter confirming your status as a student using your Personal Information page which becomes active after registration and can be accessed from the Student Centre section. A list of local Medical Centres is available here. Try contacting them in advance to find out what information they will need to register you. (NB If you are on a 1 year course and there is less than 6 months left on your course when you register with the doctor, you will be charged for any treatment/consultation.)


  • Before you arrive in Cambridge, you need to complete Student registration. All Students are emailed instructions in advance but you can click here if not. After collecting your UIS computing account and changing you password, you will enable you to access your Microsoft mail account, any specific resources and course materials provided by your college and department, and some of the University Library’s online resources.
  • Please ensure you have read the University Computing Service pages for new students. See their general introduction and advice on good practice to protect yourself and the College online
  • Please see Getting Started with IT
  • Please check information about the College’s IT service

Crime prevention and personal safety

Other sources of welcome and information

There are many other University organisations which provide welcome activities and/or useful services. These include:

Useful websites for international students:

See also, the Other Helpful Information and Useful Information sections of the New Students’ Signpost page.