IT Facilities

IT Facilities

Hughes Hall provides a range of computing facilities.  Please see the sections below for more information regarding the IT provision in Hughes Hall. The College also offers IT support to students and Fellows, and can be contacted via the following means:

Telephone: 01223 761222 (61222 from a University phone)


Opening Hours: 9AM – 6PM / Monday – Friday

Internet Access

The College is part of the University Computing Service wireless scheme, offering UniOfCam and Eduroam wireless networking in all social areas of the College.

A wired network connection is available in College accommodation as an alternative, please see the Wired Network page for more details.

Computing and Printing

College Staff

Hughes Hall provides the following resources on the first floor of the Library;

  • Managed Cluster Desktops – both Windows and Linux desktops are available.
  • Printing and photocopying is available using the DS-Print service,  charges can be found here. To add printing and photocopying credit to your DS-Print balance, you can make an online payment here

The photocopier in the Library has the ability to scan documents and send them to your email account as PDF files.  Below is a brief description of how to use this service.

  1. Scan your University card (or type your username and password) to log in, as usual.
  2. To scan, press the silver Application button which is to the left of the screen.
  3. You should now see two options on the screen, select Mail2Me.
  4. You can either press the green Start button to scan straight away* or press Scan Settings on the screen for more options.
  5. You can return to copy mode by pressing the silver Copy button.
  6. When you are finished, press the Logout button on the right hand panel above the number keypad.

*Your email address is automatically filled in.

Hughes Hall IT Policies

The College Computing Rules on the general rules on the College IT services can be found here.