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New students accommodation preference form

This form is for applicants to study at Hughes Hall intending to start study for the 2022-23 academic year who wish to apply for college accommodation. There is more information about college accommodation available here. Accommodation bands and prices are described here.

  • Room licences run for the whole academic year to the end of June.
  • A limited number of term-time only licences are available to undergraduates and in on-site bands A and B only.
  • Students appointed Fire Wardens get preference for the designated Fire Warden rooms, along with three free Formal Halls per year for undertaking brief training and fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • Please note, you cannot apply for single and couples accommodation.
  • Arrangements for early arrival can be made after any allocation has been made.

Single Accommodation: APF available here.

Couples Accommodation: APF available here.

There is limited couples accommodation and this is provided for students in established long-term relationships intending to live in Cambridge with their partner as the primary place of residence for both individuals. Students offered couples accommodation will need to provide their partner’s visa/passport information.