Funding and Prizes

Scholarships & Bursaries

Hughes Hall offers several full and partial scholarships open to all applicants, as well several top-up awards for current and former students.


Hughes Hall is delighted to award college prizes, kindly provided by many different benefactors. These general and subject-specific prizes are awarded to all students who achieve an overall First Class Honours or Distinction on their undergraduate or postgraduate course, or receive a departmental or national/international prize. Congratulations to all recent prizewinners!

Travel & Conference Grants

Education Unlocked Travel Grants

Many kind donors responded to a 2019 campaign to support Hughes Hall Education students taking postgraduate degrees. The college is extremely grateful for this financial support, and is providing matching funding. As a result, we can offer to Faculty of Education PhD and MPhil students annual grants for travel to conferences or other course-related work (up to £250 p.a.), plus a once-only supplement for pilot study or fieldwork (£100).

For further details and to apply, see the Education Unlocked Travel Grant Application Form.

Edwin Leong Travel Grants

Dr Edwin S.H. Leong has provided a very generous benefaction to Hughes Hall to fund student travel, and we are extremely grateful for this financial support. As a result, Hughes Hall can offer travel grants (normally up to £250 p.a.) for all other subject areas, to:

  • all PhD students, to travel to conferences or other course-related work
  • full-time masters students, to travel to conferences or other course-related work
  • medical students, to travel for electives
  • BA students, to fulfil compulsory requirements outside Cambridge

For further details and to apply, see the Edwin Leong Travel Grant Application Form.

Case study: Alana Baker MPhil Public Policy (2017) and Recipient of Hughes Hall Travel Grant

‘A large part of my academic and research interests have to do with international affairs, foreign policy, development, and diplomacy. Because of this, I wanted my MPP to contribute to gaining an increased international perspective, and that is a huge part of why I chose Cambridge. The MPP course here has a work placement component that allowed me to not only learn through study in Cambridge, but also through going abroad to take on real work. I was fortunate enough to get to do a policy project for the United Nations Development Programme, which took me to Amman, Jordan for six weeks working out of the UNV Regional Office for the Arab States and Europe CIS. I conducted field research on numerous countries in the region, getting to speak to real people doing impactful work on the ground, and gaining a much vaster understanding of the region and project than I would have been able to by working remotely from Cambridge. I even got to attend a UN conference in Beirut, Lebanon- an opportunity that wouldn’t have presented itself without having been in the field.

Of course, this experience and all the travel and logistics involved didn’t come cheap, and finding funding was a necessity to be able to do it. A lot of the main expenses were covered through my course and the UN, but there are so many extra things for a trip like this. Hughes generously gave me funding to cover these things, making it possible for me to have a truly amazing research and work experience that added massively to the value of my studies. Without this support, these sort of research experiences would be out of reach to a lot of students, so the college funding ensures that there is equal opportunity for all Hughesians.’


Language Course Support

The college gives some financial support to students who study a language other than English alongside their course, normally through the Language Centre’s programme (CULP). Support is normally given at the end of the course, and only once per year. To apply, complete and submit the Language Learning Application Form together with your CULP receipt. Note that applications received after your course end-date or thesis submission, or for funding after then, will not normally be considered.

Varsity Sport Support

The college gives some financial support to students who participate in university sports at first and second team level. To apply, complete and submit the Varsity Sport Application Form together with a letter on headed paper from the club secretary. Note that applications received after your course end-date or thesis submission will not normally be considered.

Case study: Yang Pei, MPhil Genomic Medicine (2018) and recipient of Hughes Hall Varsity Sport Grant

‘I would like to thank the college again for supporting me with my progression in archery. Last weekend, the BUCS archery championship concluded the last and largest national university competitions this season. I am proud to say that I won a bronze medal in the individual category, and then led our novice team winning the silver for Cambridge. I could not have achieved these without the support from the college. Knowing that my efforts and determination are recognised and supported by the college really made a huge difference to how I view the sport and my place in it. I feel honoured to play for Hughes and Cambridge!’

PhD Thesis Binding Support

Hughes Hall is happy to contribute towards the costs of binding one copy of your PhD thesis. To apply, complete and submit the PhD Thesis Binding Support Form along with your receipt.