May Bumps: 4 days, 3 crews, 7 bumps, second place in Michell Cup

After the excitement of four days of rowing, we can all breathe and take a second to review our crews’ performance.

Day 1

The first day of Bumps is always the hardest, but on Day 1 this year we saw some strong racing from all of our crews. After an efficient start, the M2 cox, Jennifer, steered an excellent line along the ditch to quickly close the gap to Kings M2. Again helped by an excellent line around First Post Corner, our M2 closed down further for a bump just into the Gut.

With an excellent and rapid start, the Hughes women moved away from their starting position just by the Motorway Bridge and very quickly closed in on Murray Edwards W2. After about 200 meters into the race the cox called for “fire” and the crew very efficiently finished the race with a bump at about the middle of First Post Reach.

The M1 had a great start, pushing hard and moving around the corners quickly. However, the two crews in front bumped out after Grassy Corner leaving our M1 racing for an over-bump. Trinity Hall M1 crept closer to our crew from about Ditton Corner but our M1 managed to hold them off the entire Reach even when there was overlap. Eventually, they made contact after the Railway Bridge with just ¾ of a length for our crew to over-bump on Homerton M1. A race well fought!

Day 2

The second day of Mays can be summed up as a day of enormous efforts by all of our crews. Unfortunately our crews faced some unlucky events with M2 getting bumped, while being stationary, at Grassy Corner, and W1 and M1 rowing over after some very powerful rowing.

Day 3

After the unlucky events of Day 2, Day 3 looked brighter with our crews completing a clean sweep for Hughes – bumping three times!

With the confidence of their first bump, M2 moved up on King’s from the first stroke. A great line around Grassy Corner placed King’s within bumping distance, and although King’s managed to hold off for a while, M2 managed to bump right in front of The Plough, to the delight of the Hughes fans at our annual End of Term Party at the Bumps.

W1 had a brilliant start just under the Motorway Bridge, and after a sprint, the women displayed their strongest and technically best performance of the season. W1 flew along a great racing line, leaving Catz behind and bumping Newnham into First Post Corner. As they came around the corner with greenery, Hughes supporters at Grassy Corner and The Plough erupted with cheers, making the win even sweeter.

Unphased by a semi-optimal start, our M1 showed consistent and strong racing around the corners, coming out of Ditton Corner with Corpus Christi M1 one length on their tail and Fitzwilliam M1 three lengths ahead. With supporters cheering at The Plough, the M1 took the race to a new level with a big push out of Ditton, easily widening the gap between them and Corpus. M1 quickly closed in on Fitz, catching them around 50 meters past the bridge.

Day 4

The last day of Mays resulted in two bumps and one strong row-over. Both M1 and W1 bumped Eddie’s M1 and W1, respectively, around Grassy Corner—adding another winning chapter to our storied, yet increasingly friendly, rivalry.


In summary, all of our crews showcased some fantastic rowing. M1 went up 1, W1 up 3 and M2 up 1 –  resulting in a very strong place on the leader board. We came second place in the Michell Cup (awarded to the winningest club on the Cam all year).

Congratulations to HHBC, its sponsor and supporters.


W1 celebrating a bump  May Bumps - M2 bumps May Bumps - M2 celebrating a bump