What's it like?

Life at Hughes Hall is fun, friendly and fascinating. You’ll make new friends, build a lifelong network and get a strong start to your career.

One college, many cultures

All our students are at least 21 years old. Some are undergraduates, but most study at Masters level or above. That means we have a very different atmosphere from colleges with 18-year-olds coming straight from school.

We are proudly multinational and multi-ethnic, with students and senior members from over 75 countries at any one time. Everyone here has arrived by a different route, and everyone brings their unique experience to their study. That’s what makes life at Hughes Hall so varied, rich and fulfilling.

A community, not just a college

Come to Hughes Hall and you’ll join a vibrant, confident community of students, postdocs, early-career and senior researchers, plus leaders from the wider world.

Along with our worldwide alumni, we’re part of a global network of friends and supporters, all working together to promote our ideas on the world stage. Many alumni choose to give back to the college by offering their support as they progress through their careers.

Here for you

At Hughes Hall, we want every student to thrive. We’ll be here to support you as you study and prepare for what comes next – whether that’s work or further research.

You’ll join at least one of our subject-based study areas, where senior members and students share knowledge and ideas. As a member, you’ll be able to come to seminars and discussions, network with business and professional leaders and get help with improving your career skills.

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Follow a different path and meet new people