Undergraduate Life at Hughes

If you’re a student aged 21+ taking an undergraduate course, Hughes Hall could be perfect for you.

You’ll join our thriving academic community and enjoy guaranteed accommodation for the whole of your course.

We fully appreciate the many different routes that students take to arrive here, and the range of qualifications they hold. We welcome both undergraduates and affiliated students (honours graduates from other universities, who complete their courses here within two years).

The Hughes Hall experience is very different from joining a standard undergraduate course elsewhere. All our undergraduates are 21 years old plus when they begin their course, and two-thirds of undergraduates are from outside the UK. It’s a diverse and vibrant community, with a different atmosphere from institutions that admit students straight from school.

Our culture is friendly and welcoming for undergraduates. We offer supervisions and tutorial support just like all Cambridge colleges, but we also are able to offer our undergraduates personal support with the challenges of being slightly older students, and making the transition to a different style of education.

While undergraduates have a natural academic and social affinity with their peers, we also encourage them to mix with postgrads and Fellows through our subject area events. You’ll meet many different students from every discipline and discover many new ideas and insights to enrich your own studies.

You can learn more about undergraduate study at Hughes Hall in the main undergraduates section.

Live and learn alongside your fellow students