Undergraduate Life at Hughes

Hughes Hall provides a welcoming and supportive environment for both mature and affiliated undergraduates. All our students are over 21 years on entry and two-thirds of our undergraduates are from outside the UK making a truly diverse and inclusive community. The College has a friendly atmosphere, promoting academic and extra-curricular activities for all. We have an egalitarian ethos, and actively encourage all students and senior members to interact through our subject area events.

As well as our undergraduates, we have around 500 graduate students so you will be able to meet a wide range of students from every discipline. Undergraduates and graduates share facilities and as an undergraduate you are guaranteed College accommodation for the duration of your course.

As a mature College, we have both insight into the diversity of routes students take prior to University and an understanding of a wide range of qualifications.

We also welcome applications from those wanted to be considered as affiliated students. “Affiliated” status may be given to a student who already has appropriate honours degree from elsewhere when they start their course in Cambridge and allows them to complete their Cambridge undergraduate degree in one year less than the standard course.

There is more information about undergraduate admission to Hughes Hall in the undergraduate section of the website.