Societies and Sports

Reflecting the energy and interests of our students and senior members, the College has a great variety of creative and intellectual societies and sports team. These are mainly run by the students themselves and they provide opportunities for members of the college to develop new interests, enhance old ones, and meet friends and colleagues on the football pitch, across the chessboard, or at a photography exhibition.

With the main city sports centre just across the road from the main gate, the College is fortunate to have access to a wide range of sports facilities on its doorstep. This is in addition to the small gym facility available on the main college site. The Badminton and Climbing teams are amongst those that make use of the sports centre, and Table Tennis and the Boat Club (when they’re not on the river) make regular use of the college’s gym facility. In addition, the Athletics Club, Basketball, and Football teams make use of various facilities around Cambridge. There is more information about these and other college sports teams and clubs on the MCR website.

A number of the societies have an overlap with the college’s subject areas – though they are open to members from all domains who are interested. The Law Society and the Enterprise Society are among the most active of these. Other societies reflect wider cultural or hobby interests amongst the college community. For example, the Music Society has a very busy and varied program each year; the Film Society has an active program of screenings; and the Wine Club meets three times a term. There is information about the College’s societies and sports teams on the MCR website.