Postdoctoral Research

The college has a thriving community of postdocs, appointed as Research Fellows or Research Associates, who are embedded in the life of the college. Our postdocs don’t just do research. They do research with a difference and postdocs at Hughes Hall standout from their peers in Cambridge and the wider academic world. They are selected not only on their academic abilities, but on their track record of connecting people, organisations or ideas in new and exciting ways. In particular, the college has a special interest in supporting postdocs who ‘builds bridges’: between academic disciplines, or between academia and the wider world, such as business, policy, charity, the arts, or other spheres. By building bridges, much of our research centres on real-world impact: research with a difference that makes a difference. The quality of our researchers academically is extremely high. Research Fellows and Associates regularly showcase their research to the College community and are frequently published in top ranking academic journals, invited to prestigious conferences, and recipients of awards.

With plans to double the number of postdocs over the coming years, the college is launching the Edwin Leong Postdoctoral program thanks to a generous benefaction. We offer support for travel and provide funds for dinners, seminars and networking. Hughes was the first college to appoint a Research Convenor, whose role is to maintain a strong sense of community among its researchers. This model is now being replicated in other colleges as best practice for welcoming postdocs.

To find our more about the Hughes Hall postdocs, see the podcasts below and the profiles in the Postdocs Stories sections.

Our postdocs don’t just do research. They do research with a difference.

Postdoc Podcasts

Dr Paula Ricciardi is one of the College’s Post Doctoral Research Associates, and a Research Associate in the Fitzwilliam Museum working in non-invasive preservation. In the video below she discusses aspects of her work.

Dr Kyren Lazarus, another of the College’s Post Doctoral Research Associates, works on the role of BCL11A in triple negative breast cancer.

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