Music and Events

There’s always something interesting going on at Hughes Hall.

Whatever you’re studying, and whatever you’re interested in, we’ve got plenty of events to stimulate your thoughts and broaden your horizons. If you’d like to organise something yourself, we’re always keen to encourage opportunities for people in the college community to connect. Our main performance space is the Pavilion Room, a modern, friendly, informal setting with a Steinway piano. Here you can enjoy formal, professional concerts as well as more relaxed events and practice sessions.

We’re a multicultural community, and our music programme reflects that. There are many different types of concert throughout the year, from student events to the Margaret Wileman Society Concert Series, given by professional musicians and open to the local community.

The College also hosts multidisciplinary panel discussions and fireside chats with key College members, experts or alumni. We also host networking lunches in some of the main University faculty buildings that allow you to meet other like-minded College members if you can’t make it back to Hughes Hall.

You can find more information about upcoming events at College lectures, listings and events calendar

There’s always something interesting going on

There is always a College event to stimulate your thoughts and help you engage with the wider community.