The Annual City Lecture, celebrating the College’s unique link to the business and commercial worlds.

  • Sir Michael Jenkins OBE, 1st City Lecture (2000): The City: Markets Past, Present and Future.
  • Mr Edward Walker-Arnott, 2nd City Lecture (2001): Changing City Merger Practice: Reconsidering the Role of the Takeover Panel.
  • Sir John Banham, 3rd City Lecture (2002): Towards World Class Education: A Business Perspective.
  • Mr Stephen King, 4th City Lecture (2003): After the Technology Bubble.
  • Sir Robert Phillis (City Fellow), 5th City Lecture (2004): Government Communications: 2003 and Beyond.
  • Mr Bill Fishbein, 6th City Lecture (2005): Coffee: Where is the value in Fair Trade?
  • Mr Stephen Allott (City Fellow), 7th City Lecture (2006): From Science to Growth: The People Centric Approach. Full text available here.
  • Mr Nick Butler, 8th City Lecture (2007): International Energy Security – Challenges and Responses.
  • Dr Hermann Hauser, 9th City Lecture (2008): The Innovation Imperative.
  • Dr Philip Augar, 10th City Lecture (2009): Chasing Alpha: How Reckless Growth and Unchecked Ambition Ruined the City’s Golden Decade.
  • Sir David Wright, 11th City Lecture (2010): Finance: from Public to Private.
  • Mrs Laurel Powers-Freeling, 12th City Lecture (2011): Too Big to Fail: Economic Inevitability or Commercial Opportunism.
  • Mr Stephen Bungay, 13th City Lecture (2012): Beyond the Cult of the Leader – The Tasks of the Executive in the 21st Century.
  • Sir Martin Sorrell, 14th City Lecture (2013) The Leaders of Tomorrow: What They Will Need to Remember. And What They Will Need to Forget.
  • Mr Lionel Barber, 15th City Lecture (2014): Can Banking Clean Up Its Act?
  • Mr Andrew Bailey, 16th City Lecture (2015): Financial Markets: Identifying Risks and Appropriate Responses.
  • Mr Charles Roxburgh, 17th City Lecture (2016): The re-regulation of financial services: are we there yet?
  • Ms Carolyn Fairbairn, 18th City Lecture (2017): Brexit and a changing world: seizing the opportunities
  • Ms Sue Whalley, 19th City Lecture (2018): Royal Mail: a bright future in the digital age

Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lectures are given annually in association with the University of Cambridge Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic.

  • Dr Oliver Padel, 8th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2009): Slavery in Saxon Cornwall: The Bodmin Manumissions.
  • Prof Marie Therese Flanagan, 9th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2010): Reform in the Twelfth-Century Irish Church: A Revolution of Outlook?
  • Prof Thomas Charles-Edwards, 10th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2011): St Patrick and the Landscape of Early Christian Ireland.
  • Dr Alex Woolf, 11th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2012): The Churches of Pictavia.
  • Prof Robert Bartlett, 12th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2013): Gerald of Wales and the Ethnographic Imagination.
  • Prof Nancy Edwards, 13th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2014): The Early Medieval Sculpture of Wales: Text, Pattern and Image.
  • Dr James E. Fraser, 14th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2015): Iona and the Burial Places of the Kings of Alba.
  • Professor Julia Smith, 15th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lectuer (2016): Relics and the insular world, c.600-c.850.
  • Dr Elva Johnston, 16th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2017): When Worlds Collide: Pagans and Christians in fifth and sixth century Ireland.
  • Dr David Parsons, 17th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2018): Warning: May Contain Saints. Place-Names as Evidence for the Church in Early Wales.
  • Dr Jacobo Bisagni, 18th Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture (2019): From Atoms to the Cosmos: the Irish Tradition of the Divisions of Time in the Early Middle Ages.

The Honor Chapman Lecture was inaugurated in 2014 as a tribute to the late Honor Chapman, one of London’s leading business figures.


  • Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas, notes to the 1st Honor Chapman Memorial Lecture (2014): Cities and Society.
  • Alison Nimmo CBE, 2nd Honor Chapman Memorial Lecture (2015): London Calling: Past, Present and Future.
  • Ms Annie Hampson, Chief Planning Officer and Development Director of the City of London, 3rd Honor Chapman Memorial Lecture (2016): Continuity and change in London from a planner’s perspective.
  • Baroness Margaret Ford of Cunninghame, 4th Honor Chapman Memorial Lecture (2017): How the Government can increase housing supply: Learning from the New Towns.
  • Dame Vivian Hunt, 5th Honor Chapman Lecture (2018): How inclusive leadership leads to inclusive growth. See videos for highlights and synopsis.


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