Accommodation Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is provided in my room?

A bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, desk lamp and notice board. Bedrooms all have fitted carpets. Fire regulations do not permit double beds in single accommodation.

2. Can I bring some of my own furniture?

Bedrooms are fully furnished with all necessary furniture and no large items of furniture may be brought to College. Futons are not permitted. The fire regulations require all College furnishings to comply with current safety legislation and overcrowded rooms impair emergency escape in case of fire.

3. Can my partner occupy the room with me?

All single rooms are for single occupancy only. The College has a few couples’ rooms available, these are applied for by selecting the appropriate option on the Accommodation Preference Form.

4. Can I keep a pet in my room?

No animal is permitted in any college building. Students requiring assistance dogs must discuss this in advance; please contact the Disability Equality Officer

5. What bed-linen is provided?

One mattress cover.

6. What bed-linen do I need to bring with me?

A duvet, duvet cover, two pillows, two pillow cases, sheet and towels (if not purchasing a bedding pack).

A single bedding pack, comprising a fitted sheet, duvet cover, two pillow cases, two pillows, a single duvet, a hand towel, and a bath towel may be purchased from the College. A double Bedding Pack is also available. On-site Band A rooms have larger single beds and will require a three-quarter pack.

  • Single bedding pack – £30.00
  • Three-quarter bedding pack – £52.00
  • Double bedding pack – £62.00

Prices listed are inclusive of VAT.

Please contact the rooms team at to order these. Bedding and pillow packs are collected from Housekeeping upon arrival in College. Students not residing in College accommodation may also place an order. Please note the cost of these items will be included in your first term’s invoice.

7. What other items should I bring with me?

Crockery, cutlery, cooking pots and pans, and coat hangers.

8. Where can I wash my clothes?

The College has three laundry facilities on the central site: Fenner’s Building 3rd floor, Wileman Building ground floor, Gresham Court 3rd floor. Each of the college houses in the nearby streets has a washing machine.

9. Do I need to bring an iron or a kettle?

No. These items are provided by the College.

10. What is the room licence?

On arrival you will be asked to sign a room licence, an example of which is available for download. Please read this carefully prior to your arrival. All licenses offered are for continuous occupation of a college room for the duration of the academic year. Please note, the licence wording is under review for the 2017-18 academic year.

11. Once I have signed my room licence can I change my mind?

Once you have signed a room licence then you are responsible for the rent until the expiry date of the licence. If you expect to go away on field studies or to reside away from Cambridge for teaching practice, please remember that you will be responsible for meeting the cost of the room licence while you are away.Under exceptional circumstances (for example, intermission or withdrawal from study) a student may be permitted to give up their accommodation early. This should be discussed with your individual Tutor.

12. Can I swap rooms with another student?

All single room licences are issued in the name of the occupant, therefore only the student holding the room licence may occupy the room. Those who wish to change or exchange rooms in exceptional circumstances should speak to their Tutor.