3 days, 3 crews and Hughes Hall bumps up 9 times, winning the Cam FM Marconi Cup!

As the ‘beast from the east’ approached Cambridge, our crews braced themselves and got their boats ready for the start of Lent Bumps last week.

This year, Hughes Hall fielded three crews comprising of the 1st Men’s Boat (M1), the 2nd Men’s Boat (M2) and after more than 15+ years, the 1st Women’s Boat (W1).

On the first day of races, our M2 was off to a strong start, by bumping Queens M4 in their first race. M1 and W1 had a tough situation to face as the head of their Division 3. They both rowed over on the first race and became the “sandwich boat” at the bottom of Division 2 where M1, racing in their new boat ‘Duke of Aymer’, bumped Pembroke M2 and W1 bumped Christ W2 to bump up a division.

On the second day of races our M2 managed to bump up again after catching Pembroke M3 just before half of the day of races were cancelled due to snow on the towpath. Sadly, the third day of races were completely cancelled after CUCBC deemed the towpath to be unsafe for umpires to cycle. This did not dampen our rowers’ spirit as we went out to clear and grit the path for the following two days to ensure the races could continue.

The fourth day of races saw W1 bumping Clare W2 to solidly place themselves in Division 2. This was followed by a strong and quick bump by our M1 on Queens M2. The final day of races had all 3 of our crews eyeing for that final bump to successfully end their Lent Bumps campaign. Our M2 bumped Trinity Hall M3, W1 bumped Pembroke W2 and our M1 bumped Downing M2. This meant that out of 3 days of races, all 3 of our crews bumped up 3 times!

In addition, both M1 and W1 are tied for the highest Hughes Hall boat ranking ever in Lent Bumps.

It is safe to say we had a very successful Lent Bumps campaign. Despite the snowy weather, we won the CamFM Marconi Cup for the best performing boat club in Lent Bumps 2018.

Boat Club President, Nazhif Zaini commented: “Congratulations to all the rowers involved. This is a massive feat for Hughes Hall Boat Club and we hope we can carry this forward to our May Bumps campaign.”

Lent Bumps2018 Hughes Hall women's crew

Lent Bumps2018 Hughes Hall men's crew

Lent Bumps2018 Hughes Hall men's crew