Equipping our researchers

One component of the Bridge is preparing our current research community for life – and impact – beyond the college gates: in other research environments, business, policy-making, and practice. We aim to improve their understanding of the pathway from research into practice, helping them to learn transferrable skills, providing exposure to a range of professional environments and linking them with people whose skillsets and knowledge can drive their future success. We are developing a programme of training, opportunities, experiences, events and contacts to enable the development of relevant skills and expertise, and to provide a platform from which they can set and work towards personal goals, as well as broader ambitions to become a force for good in the world.

The Impact Leadership Programme is being set up initially for Hughes Hall’s junior researchers (post docs and PhD students) and aims to:

Span a spectrum of skills and experiences to complement academic research training, such as:

  • Transferable skills including communication, teamwork, leadership, self-management
  • Exposure to policies, practitioners, leaders and a range of professional perspectives outside academia.

Connect Hughes Hall researchers with relevant Fellows and alumni, the Cambridge ecosystem, industry and government, as well as other critical resources for their personal and professional development.

Equip Hughes Hall’s academic community to contribute positively to the Bridge, and to the world, as professionals in their future careers within academia, industry or public service.


“It was fantastic to have the chance to learn more about the new opportunities for students afforded by The Bridge and I look forward to seeing the results of Bridge collaborations and hopefully playing a part in its aim to make a difference to society.”

Alexandra Entwistle-Thompson, President of Hughes Hall MCR 2018/19