Who we are

Who we are

Stephen Axford (centre)

The Bridge is led by Dr Stephen Axford, Director of Research Translation and Hughes Hall Governing Body Fellow.

Stephen joined Hughes Hall in March 2018 to set up The Bridge and support the College’s researchers in exploiting their work more effectively in a range of external environments. Prior to Hughes Hall, Stephen spent 21 years in Whitehall, most recently in the Business Department overseeing the science and innovation budget and the work of Research Councils and Innovate UK, and supporting the transition to the new single funding body, UK Research and Innovation. He was responsible for support and funding for the UK’s National Academies, including the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering. He has also worked with key industry sectors to develop long-term industrial strategies in areas such as Agri-food, Chemicals and Biotech; and has led joint industry and government development of STEM education programmes and public engagement with science. Stephen previously worked in the Environment department and the Ministry of Defence, and he began his career as an academic working in physical chemistry and chemical engineering. Stephen can be contacted on 01223 330 452 or by emailing: bridge.director@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

Sarah Langford (left)

Sarah is our Research Translation Manager (Communications). Formerly, Director of Communications with a multi-stakeholder charitable organisation, Sarah is used to working in technical, business and international environments. She has a master’s degree and English Literature undergraduate degree from the University of Sussex.

Sarah brings strategic, communications and stakeholder engagement experience to the Bridge to support the future of research translation at Hughes Hall. She can be contacted by email on sarah.langford@hughes.cam.ac.uk.


Aldabra Stoddart (right)

Aldabra has joined us as Research Translation Manager (Sustainability). She has experience in the research translation arena and in managing complex data sets and information systems; and supports the development of the Bridge through analysis and research work.

Aldabra has worked at a number of institutions across Cambridge and has a degree in International Studies, a Master’s degree in the History and Philosophy of Science and a Diploma in Environment and Development. She can be contacted by email on aldabra.stoddart@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

Jimmy Chan

Over the past year we have also benefited from the support of Dr Jimmy Chan, one of our By-Fellows, who provides considerable insight from his former career with a global investment firm. Jimmy continues to advise on strategic implementation issues and has a particular focus on the development of a curriculum, equipping our people for life beyond the College gates.