Student Support

Unlocking opportunities

Our students come from all backgrounds and from across the world, enriching our vibrant community. What unites them is their passion for their subjects and their huge intellectual potential. However, this diversity also means that we have many students who are particularly vulnerable to changing circumstances. With your support we can ‘level-up’ and facilitate equality of opportunity for all our students. 

Find out how the impact of new gifts to student support can be doubled here.

Case study: Hardship Grants

One of the most important ways in which our Student Support fund safeguards the wellbeing of our students is through hardship grants that go directly to students experiencing financial difficulty. Economic hardship has an immeasurable impact on the ability of students to engage fully with their learning and to access the many transformative opportunities available during their time in Cambridge. The Covid-19 pandemic has put a great deal of strain on many students who have lost the sources of funding they depended on to complete their studies and we are immensely grateful to all the alumni and friends who helped us to address our hardship funding shortfall in response to our 2020 Emergency appeal. Going into 2021 the challenges are no less urgent and we hope that with support from our donors we can continue to give students from all walks of life the financial security they need to excel.

Read more about the financial provision that the generous support of our donors help to make available for students at Hughes Hall here.

Charitable giving is an immensely personal choice but, if you are in a position to do so, I believe donating to the college’s student hardship fund is one concrete starting point towards positive action.  Here’s why… Read why alumnus and former MCR President supported the 2020 Emergency appeal here.

Case study: Digital Resources

Donations towards Student Support help us to respond flexibly to the needs of students, and one emerging priority is to secure universal access to essential digital resources. This is a new development which, though no doubt accelerated by the current pandemic, will continue far beyond it. We recognise that ensuring equal access to computing equipment, from laptops to printers, is a growing necessity and we are seeking to provide greater support for students struggling to afford the equipment they need for their research and study. With dedicated grants and improved communal resources available in college study spaces we can help to ensure that no-one is left behind as technology evolves.