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Making a difference: why we need your support

For over 800 years, Cambridge has been changing the world. Since 1885 Hughes Hall has been a part of that story, and today Hughesians are playing their part in a huge variety of disciplines, from medicine and law to education and engineering. To our 600 strong international student body, we are a home, a support, and a community.

Our students and researchers are pushing the frontiers of scientific research into life threatening diseases, finding ways to help protect fragile ecosystems and developing new technologies that will improve the quality of people’s lives.

Whether you donate time, funds or expertise, your philanthropy helps us to make a difference.

The Bridge Buildings & Infrastructure General Purposes


Download a printable UK donation form to make a single gift or set-up a standing order here, or to set-up a Direct Debit here.


Hughes Hall is regitered with the Fundraising Regulator, read our Fundraising Promise here.

The Harding Challenge

This is an initiative to enhance the impact that donors to Cambridge can have. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of David and Claudia Harding’s recent gift to Cambridge University, if you have never given to the collegiate University before, and you choose to give to any aspect of student life (which includes undergraduate support, postgraduate support and wider student life and wellbeing) the impact of your gift will be doubled. This means that gifts from new donors will unlock, pound for pound, a matching contribution to a special fund for undergraduate financial support across the University.

How exactly does the Harding Challenge work?

Your donation would go entirely to benefit students at Hughes Hall in the area that you’d like to support. However, the matched funding you unlock through the Harding Challenge will provide additional funding for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme, which is being expanded so that a greater number of students will be eligible and those in greatest need will receive more help than ever before.

This additional resource is distributed to students across the University, based on college wealth and undergraduate student numbers. The Harding Challenge therefore helps level the playing field for student experience in Cambridge by increasing and equalising what each college can provide for students in need, regardless of historic college wealth.

For Hughes Hall, as a college with less wealth per student than other colleges, this means the benefit we receive from every new donor is significantly amplified and we will receive a greater distribution of the matched funds from across collegiate Cambridge: 

for every £1 that Hughes Hall invests in new support for undergraduates, we will receive an extra £30.48 from the Harding Challenge Fund.

Making a Gift from Outside the UK

Gifts from the US

If you are a resident of the USA and would like to make a donation to Hughes Hall, please direct your gift (for maximum tax efficiency) to Cambridge in America and indicate that you would like your gift to be allocated to Hughes Hall.

Gifts from Canada

In order for a charitable gift to be tax-deductible in Canada, it must be to a ‘prescribed university outside Canada’. The University of Cambridge is prescribed for this purpose in the Canadian tax code. We will forward on a receipt acceptable to the Canadian tax authorities which is prepared by the University.

Gifts from Hong Kong

If you are looking to make , we have set up the Hughes Hall Hong Kong Limited account, allowing for an easy donation transaction. This account also ensures that we are able to accept donations in a tax efficient manner
from Hong Kong by direct transfer. To find out more please contact us at

Gifts from Europe

Hughes Hall is a registered beneficiary of the Transnational Giving Europe Network, which means that  you can make a donation to the college and claim your local tax benefits. We are currently able to accept donations from TGE Partners in Spain, Germany and Greece. To make a donation please contact the TGE partner in your country of tax residence. For more information visit

Corporate matched giving & Give As You Earn

Many companies enable their employees to participate in Give As You Earn (GAYE) and Payroll Giving, which allows you to make a tax-free donation directly from your UK salary or pension. Payments are normally of a set amount, made monthly, but it is also possible to make one-off payments. Your employer may also match your donation, which could as much as double the value of your gift to Hughes Hall at no extra cost to you.

In order to set up a gift via Payroll Giving, you need to contact your HR or Charity Department. They will ask you to complete a form which requires your employer to make a deduction from either your salary or pension. Please also keep the college informed so that we can make sure your gift is recognised and allocated in accordance with your wishes. Please find further information here.

Leaving a legacy

By remembering the College with a gift in your will, you can ensure that Hughes Hall continues to be a home away from home to students from all backgrounds, and that we can continue the good work that has made us what we are today.

More information can be found on our Leaving a Legacy page.

Student's room 1899

Our way to say thank you

Regular gifts, of any size, are the bedrock of our fundraising. Every year we will recognise all those who have made a gift in the last financial year through our annual donor roll, which is sent out with Easter Term edition of the Hughes magazine.

We also recognise the lifetime giving of our loyal donors through our Giving Circles below:

The Gild: £1,000+

Throughout our history, the support of students and alumni has been crucial to our growth and development. From our earliest days, students contributed a penny to become a member of The Gild (sic), a supporters club whose proceeds went towards the College’s most pressing needs.

The Elizabeth Hughes Circle: £5,000+

This circle is named after the College’s first Principal, Elizabeth Hughes (1851-1925).

The President’s Circle: £25,000+

Members of the President’s Circle receive invitations to the annual Commemoration Dinner in May, where the President and Fellows gather in commemoration of Hughes Hall’s Founders and Benefactors. The evening celebrates our rich history and acknowledged our generous benefactors, friends and supporters.

If you are looking to make a transformational gift and wish to explore options for a named scholarship, fellowship or room in college, please get in touch. The Alumni Relations and Development team works closely with donors on an individual basis to advise on how to direct their support in the most impactful way. To discuss how your philanthropy could make a difference to Hughes Hall please contact us at or write to us at the following address: Alumni Relations and Development Office, Hughes Hall, Wollaston Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EW.