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Our aim in brief…

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of a new fundraising campaign focused on raising support for our students reading education. Over the next few months we will be looking closely at the life-changing impact philanthropy has had on our students past and present. It is support which has opened doors, nurtured ideas and encouraged ambition. Through this campaign we aim to help secure this support for generations of Hughesians to come, unlocking the potential for the best minds to solve global challenges. #HughesUnlocked.

We are living through a time of great uncertainty for British universities and over the past decade the landscape for university funding has changed beyond recognition. A competitive public spending environment, contracted state backing and increased tuition fees has put immense pressure on institutions to become self-sufficient. It is therefore imperative that we not only safeguard but expand the support we can give to our students.

Applying our vision more widely, the help we give to students reading education is far-reaching. Education is at the heart of social transformation, and many students are attracted to the vocation with the promise of improving the lives of others. Education has the power to reduce poverty, empower individuals, improve health and drive economic growth. In parallel, our researchers are conducting pioneering research to combat some of the biggest challenges facing equality in education, from marginalised communities to psychological barriers. Our ability to support the ambition of our future educators has the potential to solve some of society’s greatest concerns both in the UK and across the world.

The key to teaching excellence…

Life-changing moments can come in the smallest, and seemingly most insignificant of forms – a chance meeting between researchers can have the potential to spark an idea with the power to challenge conventional thought. Similarly, a grant to support a student conducting fieldwork could mean the difference between an impactful research project being produced and a mediocre one. One area we are hoping to direct resource from the campaign towards is research which contributes directly or indirectly towards improving access to quality education. It would enable the brightest students in the greatest financial need to access communities or areas previously out of reach for their research, contributing towards the betterment of their society.

Help us to unlock potential…

This year we invite you to support the future of education, to help unlock the potential in both our students through their research and the young people they will go on to teach. Gifts of any size will help drive this worthwhile course, contributing to a bigger vision: empowering individuals to accelerate social change.

Providing an education fit for purpose is central to the mission of Hughes Hall and is shared by the Department of Education at Cambridge. Education is not a passive subject, it must be flexible and adapt to change. The history of Hughes Hall is a demonstration of an institution’s capability to diversify and innovate, from its early foundation to train women teachers in 1885 to a fully rounded Cambridge college capable of accommodating all subjects and research. We thank you for sharing in our forward-thinking and progressive ethos.


The reason

Meet our students

Don’t just take our word for it! We have spoken to current students whose ambitions are being realised because of the generosity of alumni and friends. Without philanthropic support we wouldn’t be able to support these brilliant students.

Rebecca Freund, PhD Law. ‘My scholarship has opened up so many doors that definitely wouldn’t have been available to me if I hadn’t had the chance to study at Hughes Hall.’ 

Chloe Halpenny, MPhil, Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies. ‘It is my sincere hope that my scholarship will allow me to continue my research and that it will have an impact in informing feminist social policy’ 

We are keeping our social media channels updated with insights from our students in the countdown to our #HughesUnlocked Giving Week in June 2019! Stay tuned…

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#HughesUnlocked Giving Week

From 24-30 June we will be holding our first ever Giving Week in celebration of our Campaign, #HughesUnlocked.

What is a Giving Week?

Giving Weeks (and single Giving Days!) are growing in popularity amongst universities and it is a fantastic chance for us to raise awareness and invite support towards the current needs of Hughes Hall.

Our theme, #HughesUnlocked is designed to focus on the life-changing benefits a good education gives to an individual. We ask you to reflect what potential your Hughes Hall education has unlocked in you? What opportunities has it given you? How has it enriched your life?

Money raised during our Giving Week will be directed to our students reading Education. It is a chance to celebrate our distinguished history of supporting educators, who strive to enlighten the lives of the young people they teach.

Why now?

Enabling opportunity through education has been the Hughes Hall ethos since its foundation. Without the kindness and loyalty of our alumni and donors we would not be able to support our students and provide an environment in which they can be stimulated intellectually.

We think this is something worth celebrating!

Watch out for updates on social media over the coming weeks and spread the word…

Thank you!

Thank you to all who supported our campaign, #HughesUnlocked. In one week we raised just under £10,000 from alumni and friends in support of our students reading Education. It was wonderful to receive donations from across the world, from both regular and new donors alike! Supporting education struck a chord with so many of you and we are excited to see what potential the support will unlock in our students…

Thank you!