Gabrielle Sacconaghi Bacon Scholarship

Gabrielle Sacconaghi Bacon, alumna of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, as well as of McGill University and the Page Programme in Canada, has generously created a full scholarship for one promising Canadian student taking the MPhil in International Relations and Politics at Hughes Hall in 2015-16 and one in 2016-17.

Scholarship recipients will be drawn from one of two groups: final year students at McGill who are currently undertaking a course including either a Major or Minor in International Relations or related subjects such as Political Science; and alumni of the Page Programme (House of Commons or Senate) in Canada who are final year students undertaking a Major or Minor in International Relations or related subjects at other Canadian institutions. Each scholar will receive fees and maintenance funding for the one-year duration of their MPhil course, and will be known as the Gabrielle Sacconaghi Bacon Scholar.

Hughes Hall is a pioneering College of Cambridge University with a strong reputation, and works closely with the world-renowned Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at Cambridge on this scholarship.

The application form is available here. Apply by 15th DECEMBER by email to

Criteria for the scholarship can be found here.

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