This section contains information primarily intended for current students of the College. The menu on the left of the page links to core sources of information in the different areas of college life, and some popular direct links are listed below.


The College Tutors are a team of Fellows of the College who are experienced academics providing formal and informal liaison and guidance for students.

The Senior Tutor is the head of the tutorial team, and coordinates and oversees the pastroal care and academic support of the College’s students.

Each student is assigned a personal Tutor who can be contacted directly. More information about Tutors and their role is available via the Tutors and Welfare link in the menu to the left of the page.


The Middle Combination Room (MCR) is the equivalent of a Students’ Union in the College and has an important role in representing the student voice. They also organise various social events and provide other forms of support for student members of the College. More information on the MCR is available from their dedicated site, and via the Middle Combination Room link on the left of this page.


The Library and Learning Resources Centre is open to Hughes Hall Students 24-hours a day and provides a wide-range of scholarly resources and facilities for study.

Personal Information Page

Portal is the College’s internal student information system. It can be used by students to update personal details, and to access facilities like requesting standard letters (e.g. to confirm student status for a bank account application).

For security reasons, this page will only work for connections from within the University’s network – those who need access from outside the network, will need to set up a University VPN, details can be found at the University’s Computing Service website.

Meeting Rooms

Many of the college rooms noted under Conference Facilities can be booked by students at reduced or no cost. Also, students are welcome to use the Pfeiffer Room from 5.00 pm each evening (with occasional exception). However, the condition of use of any room is that you must leave it clean and tidy, with furniture replaced as you found it, since it must be ready for general college use or an external conference group at the start of the next day. Contact the conference office for more details.


A small gym is available in the Garden Lecture Room. Aside from some reserved hours, this is open to all current Hughes students between 7.00am and 11.00pm.

Current students can use all the equipment for free – aside from the rowing machines which are reserved for boat club members only.

To reserve the room please use the MCR booking system, or email jbm48.


The College Punt is available for booking. More information about the punt is available from the MCR’s punt page.

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