Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus COVID-19 updates and information

Current students, staff, and applicants are advised to check these information sources regularly for updates and information during the present situation.

Stay Safe Cambridge Uni

The University and Colleges have put together a clear set of measures, which have been tested and refined in consultation with over 300 students and staff, designed to keep everyone in our community as safe as possible.

See the website:

UK Government Guidance

Government advice on What you need to do.

National Health Service guidance on NHS 111 online.

University Information

The University has a general coronavirus information page which is available at:

Applicants for postgraduate study should check the Graduate Admissions Office coronavirus advice.

Applicants for undergraduate study should check the undergraduate coronavirus advice.

Guidance on support for students with increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, or with disabilities impacted by COVID-related social distancing measures is available here.

College Information

Frequently Asked Questions for Postgraduate Applicants (24 Jul 2020).

Advice for students currently in residence (9 Sep 2020).


Student Update

We are asking that all new and continuing students who may have increased susceptibility, or particular vulnerability, to infectious diseases (ISID) such as COVID-19 and also those with disabilities/impairments that are impacted by COVID-related social distancing measures to let us know by 31st August by emailing Please see the guidance document on COVID: Increased Susceptibility and Disability/Impairment Impacts.

During 2020-21 there may be temporary restrictions introduced to contain the spread of Covid19, locally or nationally. We support the collegiate university’s statement to continue providing student accommodation. Further, Hughes Hall is keen to enable all students to remain in Cambridge and in college accommodation (if permitted by national legislation). This means you could continue your studies without the disruption of relocation, and would be better placed to access facilities and in-person teaching again when the restrictions are lifted.