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Continuing students accommodation preference form

This form is for current students at Hughes Hall who are continuing their current course next year and who wish to apply for college accommodation for the 2022-23 academic year. Continuing students are normally allocated to off-site accommodation only.

There is more information about college accommodation available here. Accommodation bands and prices are described here.

  • Room licences run for the whole academic year to the end of June.
  • A limited number of 12-month licences are available for continuing students in off-site properties.
  • Those requesting single accommodation should also identify at least one and up to six other continuing students they would like to include in their household (ie possibly sharing kitchen facilities).

Single Accommodation:

Please use this form to apply for single accommodation.

Please note, you cannot apply for single accommodation and couples accommodation.

Couples Accommodation:

There is limited couples accommodation and this is provided for students in established long-term relationships intending to live in Cambridge with their partner as the primary place of residence for both individuals. Students offered couples accommodation will need to provide their partner’s visa/passport information.

Please use this form to apply for couples accommodation.space

Please note, you cannot apply for couples accommodation as well as single accommodation.