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Telephone Campaign 2023

Once again this year, a team of wonderful Hughes Hall students will be calling our UK alumni over a week-long Telephone Campaign. This year’s campaign will take place 21-26 March 2023. We are really looking forward to this opportunity to keep in touch with our members and strengthen our community. We will also be raising vital funds to support the college’s students, and taking the opportunity to hear your feedback, update you with college news, and share stories of Hughes Hall past and present. For our callers, this is a great chance to learn from the insights and experiences of their predecessors.

Will you support the next generation of Hughes Hall students? Make a gift to our Telephone Campaign 2023 appeal here.

We thank you all for your willingness to extend a hand of friendship across the generations over the phone!

Our fundraising priorities

Our priority continues to be raising unrestricted funds that can be directed to where they are needed most. Launched last year, the Alumni Impact Fund has proved to be a popular choice for alumni support. Gifts are directed to areas of greatest need, allowing the college to respond swiftly to unexpected challenges and to invest prudently in the long-term welfare of our community. Every pound raised will allow us to generously and compassionately meet the needs of our community, supporting those who find themselves in unexpected and exceptional financial difficulties and ensuring students can continue to access the resources they need to thrive in their studies.

Meet our student callers

Nobuhle Ndlovu (2022, Conservation Leadership)

“I am currently studying towards MPhil in Conservation Leadership. I am passionate about developing innovative solutions to climate change in Africa and beyond. I am looking forward to networking, and learning about the impact that our alumni are making around the globe.” – Nobuhle

Marina Avena Maia (2019, Chemical Engineering)

“I am a 4th year PhD student in the Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Department, currently working on sustainable recycling approaches of nutrients from waste streams. I am looking forward to engage with the alumni community to hear about their experience at Hughes Hall and share how the College had such a positive impact during my time at Cambridge.” – Marina

Ben Williams (Modern and Medieval Languages)

“I’m Ben, a fourth year linguist studying German and Spanish. I’m looking forward to chatting to Hughes Hall alumni about their experiences at Hughes and what they have been up to since leaving Cambridge!” – Ben


Why is the college running a Telephone Campaign?

We feel that it is a really important way to facilitate conversations between Hughesians of different generations, strengthening our college community. Calls from our team of student callers are intended as an opportunity to share college news, update alumni information, and to help us to raise vital funds for Hughes Hall and our students. For the students, it is also a really enriching experience to be able to learn from alumni who have been in their shoes.

We are hugely grateful to all alumni who take the time to speak with our students and share their words of encouragement and advice, as well as those who decide to make a gift.

How will the money raised in the Telephone Campaign be used?

Our priority this year is the college’s Alumni Impact Fund. Every gift to the Alumni Impact Fund is directed to where it is needed most to ensure that all out students can continue to benefit from the best possible facilities, teaching and opportunities that they need to thrive in their studies.

Of course, if you wish to support a particular project you are most welcome to do so. Speaking over the phone is a great opportunity to find out more about how you might direct your gift to the causes that are most important to you.

How do I know if I will be called?

If you have been selected to be called in the Telephone Campaign, you will receive a letter or email before calling begins so that you have time to get in touch if you would like to update your details or to ask not to be called this time. You can do this by emailing development@hughes.cam.ac.uk, calling +44 (0) 1223 768244 or writing to us at Alumni Relations & Development Office, Hughes Hall, CB1 2EW. We completely understand that not everyone will want to be called, so please let us know if this is the case.

Where and when does calling take place?

In the upcoming Telephone Campaign, students will be calling from 21 March until 26 March 2023. Calling will take place 6pm-9pm Monday to Thursday, 10am-4pm on Saturday and 1pm-8pm on Sunday. Please contact the Development Office if you would like to schedule a call before the week starts.

All calls are made from here at Hughes Hall by our team of current students. Calls are supervised by members of the Alumni Relations & Development Team, who are on hand to provide support when needed.

Are the students trained?

Yes, the students receive full training directly before the start of the Telephone Campaign, and particular attention is given to Data Protection training. They also have support from the Alumni Relations & Development Team throughout.

Are the students paid or do they volunteer?

The students are paid the Cambridge Real Living Wage for their work. This is not funded from donations received in the course of the Telephone Campaign. It is important that students are paid a fair wage for their time.

Should the students not be studying?

The calling times are designed to allow students to manage their shifts alongside their studies. As part of the interview process, we also check with students and their Tutors to ensure that they are confident they can balance their workload alongside the commitment of calling. We also give careful consideration to the timing of the Telephone Campaign to ensure that it does not interfere with the academic timetable for students, such as exams.

If you have any other questions about the Telephone Campaign, please get in touch with us at development@hughes.cam.ac.uk, by calling +44 (0) 1223 768244 or by writing to us at Alumni Relations & Development Office, Hughes Hall, CB1 2EW. A member of the Alumni Relations & Development Team will be happy to help! Please view our Data Protection Statement for information on how we use alumni and supporter information.