An Annual Lecture on Life and Literature from the North of England

Richard grew up in Northumbria and was a life-long champion of the North of England. He wanted to showcase northern talent, helping to alter attitudes and to celebrate the wealth of culture he found there. The annual lecture, which will run for a minimum of 10 years, will provide an opportunity to invite writers, poets and artists from the North of England to Hughes Hall, celebrating this rich culture of the North to a new audience.

Ways to support the Richard Berg Rust Lecture Fund

Funds raised for this will go towards the operational costs of each lecture. This could include speaker fees, room hire and refreshments.

Any donation you make will go a tremendous length in allowing us to create this event. Donations in excess of £1000 will be recognised in an appropriate manner.


All gifts whether a lump sum or over 12 months are gratefully received.
If possible please do complete the section on Gift Aid which will increase the amount received. If you would like any assistance in filling out this sponsorship payment, please do not hesitate to call us on 01223 334895 or