Our global community

Our global alumni community is made up of over 7,000 members and spans over more than 116 countries. Hughesians have gone on to become leading barristers, top entrepreneurs, encouraging teachers, renowned academics and world-class sports men and women representing their countries on the world stage.

Constituting a vast body of knowledge and experience and working across a wide spectrum of professional and academic activity, the collective impact of Hughesians is enormous.

How do we connect our alumni all over the world easily and efficiently? The answer is simple, through our online alumni network, Hughes-Hub.


Introducing Hughes-Hub

Our online global network allows alumni to keep in touch with contacts all around the world, connect with each other socially and professionally and share career experience and advice.

It features Alumni Groups which represent and organise alumni events in countries all over the world, a Directory, to allow alumni to connect and reconnect after many years, a Careers Network which provides an opportunity to continue learning well after your Cambridge degree and a Forum which allows alumni to start discussions, post jobs and share memories with the wider community.

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Hughes-Hub features Alumni Groups, a Directory, a Careers Network and a Forum

Why we’re asking you to sign in

You will need to sign in to access some areas of Hughes-Hub such as the directory and forum. This is so we can make Hughes-Hub more relevant and personal to you.

More than 1,000 alumni have already signed up to Hughes-Hub and the online community is growing steadily.

More than 1,000 alumni have already signed up to Hughes-Hub

Have a question about Hughes-Hub?

If you would like more information about Hughes-Hub or would like to help develop the online community further by providing mentoring to recent alumni or starting a new alumni group in your country, you can contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office on

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