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Tackling COVID-19

How our College community is contributing to national and global efforts

Hughes Hall is a dynamic and progressive College with nearly 60 Governing Body Fellows, 219 further Senior Members from all walks of life, 874 full- and part-time postgraduates and 177 mature undergraduates from more than 80 countries. We aim to bridge the academic and external worlds and often talk about being an impact-orientated College, passionate about research translation, and committed to changing the world for the better. Whilst our Bridge initiative continues to grow, establishing new centres of excellence and supporting innovation amongst researchers, there are many individuals in our midst making impact an everyday reality.

We have collated a selection of the brilliant, diverse and impactful ways in which the Hughes Hall community is contributing to local, national and international efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Our students and seniors (arranged alphabetically) are making a tangible difference to people’s lives, now and for years to come.


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