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Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

The College has a long and rich tradition in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (HASS), with a highly varied and interdisciplinary group of scholars in the domain. This diversity includes Prof Mary Buckley who has research interests in the field of Soviet and post-Soviet politics, foreign policy, society and history, Dr Jacob Stegenga, who works on methodological problems of medical research, conceptual questions in evolutionary biology, and fundamental topics in reasoning and rationality in the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, and Dr Corinne Roughley with research interests focusing on approaches to understanding the prehistoric landscapes of Northwest Europe.

Other senior members include Dr Sarah Hoare, a medical sociologist interested in end-of-life care, Dr Charles Pigott, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at the Centre of Latin American Studies whose focus is on the indigenous cultures and languages of Latin America, Dr Alastair Lockhart, who works in the fields of contemporary religion and 20th century religious history with a special interest in new and non-mainstream religion, the psychology of religion, and apocalypticism and millenarianism – and many others. There is more information about these and other seniors in this subject area on the senior members’ profiles pages.

Alongside undergraduate and taught postgraduate students from across the HASS departments and faculties, there is a lively student research culture. Recent research degrees have been written, for example, on ‘Finitude and Transcendence’ in the thought of Paul Ricoeur (2020), ‘Islamist party mobilization: Tunisia’s Ennahda and Algeria’s HMS compared, 1989-2014’ (2019), ‘The Muslim princely states and decolonisation of India’ (2018), ‘the literary and the sublime in Bolaño’s “Los detectives salvajes” and Vila-Mata’s “Trilogy of the writer”‘ (2015); ‘localized nationalisms in postrevolutionary America’ (2014); ‘a Hegelian alternative to naturalism’ (2014); and ‘sacred space in Latium Vetus’ (2014).

The HASS Group hosts an annual symposium dinner event where an invited speaker presents on a topical subject of academic and interdisciplinary interest to students and the senior membership and the annual Kathleen Hughes Memorial Lecture on a theme in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic studies – amongst other events.

You can search for senior members working in this subject area using the people search page.