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Biological and Medical Sciences

The Biological and Medical Sciences group in the College has a highly developed culture of research and study. Students in this area include those training for medical careers and undergraduates and graduate students in all branches of the domain. There is a lively student research programme, in recent years, for example, Hughes students in this category have worked on ‘Ultra-processed foods and cardiometabolic health’ (2020), ‘Promoting central nervous system regeneration by targeting intracellular pathways’ (2019), ‘identifying novel components of the innate immune cytosolic DNA sensing pathways’ (2015); ‘in silico target prediction: applications to traditional medicine and novel psychoactive substances and the extension to biological space’ (2015); and ‘optimisation of MRI data for dementia studies’ (2014) at PhD level.

The College has a wide and deep senior membership in Medicine and the Biological Sciences. Amongst professorial fellows are Prof Gordon Smith, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Prof Nabeel Affara, head of the Mammalian Molecular Genetics Group at the Department of Pathology (and the College’s Director of Studies for Natural Sciences (Biological) and a College Tutor); and Prof Ming-Qing Du, whose current research in the Department of Pathology is on the Molecular Pathology of Lymphoma. Prof Jim Kaufman, Professor of Comparative Immunogenetics in the University, carries out research in the Department of Pathology and the Department of Veterinary Medicine on the structure, function and evolution of the immune response. In addition to those of professorial rank, the senior membership in this area stretches from Research Fellows, like Dr Heather Blackmore who is extending her PhD research on the impact of maternal obesity during pregnancy on the long-term cardiovascular health of offspring to study potential intervention models in the area, to University Lecturers including Dr Caroline Trotter, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr Lydia Drumright, University Lecturer in Clinical Informatics in the Department of Medicine at Cambridge. Two of the College’s medical Fellows have been recognized with the prestigious Pilkington Prize for Excellence in Teaching in recent years, Dr Paul Siklos (2005) and Dr Jessica White (2013). Dr Siklos is Consultant Physician at West Suffolk Hospital and Associate Clinical Dean in the University of Cambridge, and Dr White is a member of the School of Clinical Medicine and Consultant Chest Physician at West Suffolk Hospital and the College’s Director of Studies for Medicine (years 3-4).

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