Academic Life

Reflecting the breadth and diversity of scholarship in the College, Hughes has formed a number of subject groupings which serve as intellectual and scholarly hubs for the College’s senior and student membership. While rooted in the traditional subject areas of the wider University, each group runs a programme of interdisciplinary events and projects enhancing the College’s broader intellectual culture, supporting the academic development of the student body, and bringing together the student and senior membership. The pages in this section provide a guide to the main subject areas and the activities they support.

In addition to the everyday research and study of students and the senior membership, the College hosts a number of study centres and connection projects. The study centres, which presently include the Cambridge Governance Labs,Oracy@Cambridge and Cambridge Digital Innovation function as a focus point for the wider development and application of a number of special research activities and projects. Connection projects include a wide range of events and programmes, hosted in Cambridge or elsewhere, where the College has a special role or involvement.

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