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LGBTQ+ at Cambridge

Cambridge has a long history of LGBTQ+ students, staff and alumni. Student and staff networks offer social events and support throughout the year, and researchers share their work in queer, trans and sexuality studies. Hughes Hall has made a commitment to promote equality, value diversity and maintain an environment for study, work and living in which the rights and dignity of all its members are respected.

We are proud to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month and Transgender Awareness Week at Hughes by flying flags and working with MCR Committee, our student body, to hold a themed Formal Hall for each, alongside other events and initiatives each year.

LGBTQ+ History Month

The collegiate University celebrates LGBT+ History Month annually in February to help promote equality and diversity by increasing the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, their history, lives and experiences. Many institutions fly the rainbow or Pride flag and organise events throughout the month. UK LGBTQ+ History Month 2023 theme is ‘Behind the Lens’.

Details of varied activities going on across the University are collated on their website: 2023’s LGBT+ History Month programme is here; and specific Hughes Hall events are included on our events page as they are confirmed each year.

2023 saw a mix of LGBT+ movie nights, pub quizzes, formal dining and informal socials, as well as a great display in our library.

At a time when LGBT+ lives are in the media we are encouraged to look ‘Behind the Lens’ in 2023 and listen to LGBT+ peoples’ lived experiences.

Transgender Awareness Week

Hughes Hall marks Transgender Awareness Week annually, 13-19th November, to help raise the visibility of transgender people and issues faced by members of the community in the lead up to Transgender Day of Remembrance on 20th November, an observance that honours the memory of the transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. We are proud to fly the transgender awareness flag at this time and also organise a themed Formal Hall for the community and allies – typically one of the best events in the College calendar!

For our 2021 Formal Hall, our MCR Equality and LGBTQ+ Officer shared a College information sheet on transgender. Cambridge Students Union produces a comprehensive inclusion guide and please note that our MCR has recently established a Gender Expression Fund, with further details available on the MCR website.

Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall MCR Committee includes an Equality and LGBTQ+ Officer to help support and promote inclusion and equality for the College’s LGBTQ+ community. The MCR has an LGBTQ+ student society which is coordinated through a Facebook group. Please get in touch if you’d like to join or find out more via mcr.lgbt@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

We also have an LGBTQ+ Champion in our Senior Membership – Dr Arthur Hibble fulfills this role and can be contacted via agh32@hughes.cam.ac.uk if students have specific difficulties to discuss or have ideas for tailored support. Current students are always encouraged to speak to their Tutor if they have concerns and are welcome to contact the Senior Tutor: senior.tutor@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

2023 saw a more colourful flag than usual flying from our pole in celebration of LGBT+ History Month – the Progress Pride flag is a more inclusive version of the Rainbow flag.


The Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) LGBT+ committee has represented and supported students with events and welfare-related resources for several years, in addition to representatives in Colleges’ own student unions. It also runs specific campaigns, publishes the magazine Get Real, and holds the Harry Harris LGBT+ library.


A recently established Alumni Group, LGBT+ Cambridge Alumni, aims to provide a personal and professional network for LGBT+ alumni, to promote awareness around LGBT+ issues, to champion LGBT+ inclusive policies and to forge links with other LGBT+ networks.


The University established the LGBT+ Staff Network, which is open to staff from the University, Colleges and related institutions, following a consultation in 2006. Alongside the University’s other diversity networks, it provides information and support to staff, assists with the co-ordination of diversity events and helps the University to progress equality.

University Champions

In 2009, the University approved the establishment of Equality Champions support the progression of equality for all protected groups, advocate on equality and diversity matters, and work with staff and student networks. The University’s current LGBT+ Equality Champion is Professor Andrew Webber. There is more information on Equality and Diversity at the University here.


In 2018, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences launched lgbtQ+@cam, a new programme to promote interdisciplinary research, outreach and network-building related to queer, trans and sexuality studies at the University of Cambridge. This page provides an overview of their work, including links to events and research, including the University-wide Q+STEM network of STEM academics.


Cambridge has a thriving LGBTQ+ community both at the university and in the wider city. This Queer Cambridge page provides a great summary of the University networks mentioned above and those in the city, including Cambridge Pride, Encompass Network and Dhiverse.

A summary of resources and link