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External Director of Studies – Economics

Recent or current consultancies include the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (monetary policy under dollarization); Sultanate of Oman, Diwan of Royal Court (employment policy, design of higher education).

Michael Kuczynski’s research interests are in competition processes and in price formation in financial activity in an international context. He works in particular on different interpretations of banking (including Islamic finance), determinants of bank profits and bank regulation, comparative evolution of public finance, analysis of monetary policy, the risk- and term- structure movement of market interest rates, and the movement of exchange rates. He also has interests on the one hand in fund management and financial market micro-structure, and on the other in comparative long-term economic-growth and employment performance (especially Western hemisphere vs East Asia).

Michael Kuczynski is the course coordinator for the option paper on Financial organisation and economic growth (Paper 13). He also lectures for the MPhil in International Relations and the MPhil in Latin American Studies.

Michael also supervises a number of MPhil dissertations and supervises PhD student.