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Research Associate I am a marine conservation scientist, working at the Conservation Science Group in the Department of Zoology. I completed my PhD in fisheries conservation in Newfoundland, Canada, investigating the effectiveness of closed areas for both fisheries and conservation. I am broadly interested in biodiversity conservation, sustainable livelihoods, human-nature connections, ecosystem restoration, and collaborative, interdisciplinary focused conservation research that has an impact on the ground. I focus on a global-to-local approach, I conduct research that has an impact beyond academia. – seeking to explore best practice approaches, to meet the future needs of our planet to ensure a sustainable future for our children, and the planet as a whole. I have worked in many locations around the world, including 10 years in marine science research and education in The Bahamas. I have worked with local fishermen in Tanzania, The Bahamas, and Labrador, Canada, seeking to understand the balance between fishing and marine conservation approaches on local communities. I have a passion for collaborative research, working inside and outside of academia and have experience in education – joining students with scientists to conduct research in the field.