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I am a Science Policy Analyst at the PHG Foundation, a non-profit think tank conducting multidisciplinary analysis of innovations and ideas to inform health policy. My current projects include the examination of genome-editing technologies for health in the UK, and data siloing between healthcare providers, industry and research. I also provide scientific input for the Foundation’s All Party Parliamentary Group for Personalised Medicine.
Before joining the Foundation, I completed my PhD in Pathology at the University of Cambridge as part of the Mammalian Genomics group, specialising in genomics and reproduction. My thesis, entitled, “The Physiological and Molecular Consequences of large Y-Chromosome Long Arm Deletions in Mice”, was completed in 2017. My work was funded by a BBSRC industrial CASE PhD studentship in collaboration with Genus Plc.
I have previously worked in communications and clinical trials, and have an appreciation of the complex relationships between academia, industry, media and the public. I also hold an MRes in Biosystematics from Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum, and have a long-standing interest in evolutionary biology and natural history.