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Dr Ellen Higginson is Samples Lead, Parasites and Microbes Programme at Wellcome Sanger Institute. She joined the University of Cambridge Department of Medicine as a Research Associate in 2018. Her area of expertise is in molecular microbiology and global health, with a focus on gastrointestinal pathogens. Dr Higginson completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne, Australia, before moving to the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), USA to work on bacterial vaccines. While at UMB she also worked on several global health projects, including stints in Kenya, Chile and Samoa.

Dr Higginson moved to Cambridge to work on the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments project, a large interdisciplinary project looking at the impact of improved water sanitation on human and environmental health in informal settlements in Asia and the Pacific. This work is being done in collaboration with the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Monash University, Australia, where Dr Higginson also holds visiting scientist/adjunct research associate positions.