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Research Associate From a young age, I was encouraged to commit time and dedication to my studies. When I was 10, the Ministry of Education granted me my first scholarship. At 15, I competed for and secured a “Scholarship to Academic Excellence” to attend the top High School of my state. Graduating as top of my class, I then was offered the same scholarship to pursue any bachelor’s degree in any campus of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. I chose Biotechnology Engineering and, with the financial support of a state corporation, I relocated to Monterrey for my studies. Obtaining the Magna cum laude distinction allowed me to subsequently receive a scholarship from the National Science and Technology Council to pursue a M.Sc. degree in Belgium and thereafter a Ph.D. in Germany. My research interests revolve around cell and molecular biology, and more recently, around biophysics. After working with human induced pluripotent stem cells in the frame of a “Springboard-to-Postdoc” fellowship, I decided to join the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute as a Research Associate to study the influence of the stroma and of mechanical cues on supporting the earliest stages of tumorigenesis using the mouse oesophagus as a model system.