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The First Brexit: When Britain left the Roman Empire – 2nd March

The First Brexit: When Britain left the Roman Empire, Thursday 2nd March 2017, 7pm – 9:30pm, Peter Richards Room

  • What is Britain’s destiny after Brexit?
  • Is Britain entering a new era of isolation?
  • How will Britain navigate the unchartered waters that lie ahead?

Of course, Britain has fallen out of a unified European political system once before.

After its initial conquest by the emperor Claudius, Britain had quickly become an integrated yet highly militarised province of the empire but it’s military strength combined with its political marginality meant that it was always in fear of being isolated from mainland Europe. Increasing pressure from barbarian invasion and immigration saw this fear become realised and Britain was repeatedly used as a vehicle for various usurpers to launch their own bids for imperial power.

Denuded of troops and facing heavy barbarian incursions, the Romano-British elite were left to fend for themselves, something which they seem to have successfully achieved.

Classics Director of Studies, Dr Jerry Toner explores this further on Thursday 2nd March. This is a HASS subject area event but it is open to other disciplines. Please register your place via the Eventbrite page.


About the speaker
Dr Jerry Toner is a Quondam Fellow of Hughes Hall, Classics DOS, Fellow of Churchill College, and Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Classics in the University of Cambridge. He was formerly a Fund Manager in the City of London. His recent books include Release Your Inner Roman (2016) and How to Manage Your Slaves (2014).