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Negotiating skills for entrepreneurs – 19th January

Negotiating skills for entrepreneurs, Thursday 19th January, 6:30-8:30pm, Pfeiffer Room

Think you know how to set out an argument? Think you know how to negotiate? Think you know how to get your point across in a meeting?

Think again …

We all need to be able to argue effectively, whether we are pitching for funding or writing dissertations, defending grant proposals or composing crucial business reports. Surprisingly few people are as good at putting their arguments across as they think they are.

Hughes alumna Dani Hilliard, (MEd, 2002), will tell us how she has turned her PhD research into the start-up ‘Argue to Think’. Dani and her company help individuals and organisations be more effective and efficient communicators in a multitude of settings. She will tell us about the challenges she has faced along the way, and how she believes that all of us can benefit from improving our ability to argue.


Everyone is welcome to attend this fireside chat hosted by the Hughes Hall Enterprise Society. Please register via the Eventbrite page.