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Lent Bumps start today: our crews and the schedule

Lent Bumps are here! Despite the cold week, two Hughes Hall Men’s crews (M1 and M2) and our very first Women’s W1 crew in 15+ years will be racing. M2 performed well in their Getting-On-Race last Friday to qualify for the M4 division. Our M1 and W1 crews are the leading boats in their respective M3 and W3 division and they will be looking to crack into the second division this week.

Race times:

M4 : Tuesday-Thursday (14:00), Saturday (12:40)

W3 : Tuesday-Wednesday (14:40), Friday-Saturday (13:20)

W2 : Tuesday (16:00), Thursday-Saturday (14:40)

M3 : Tuesday-Wednesday (15:20), Friday-Saturday (14:00)

M2 : Tuesday (16:40), Thursday-Saturday (15:20)


Come down to the river to support our rowers in the first Bumps of the year! If you can’t make it, then tune into CamFM to listen in on the action.

Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with the daily posts on the HHBC Facebook page to see how our crews perform throughout the week.  Updates will also be available on Twitter @Hughes_Hall.