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Hughes alumni write new Data Privacy guide book

Hughes alumni Gwen “Wendy” Kennedy and Leighton Peter Prabhu have co-authored a new book entitled ‘Data Privacy: A Practical Guide’.

The book will enable business people to develop a quick and sound understanding of their company’s legal obligations to protect client data.

Wendy Kennedy (LLM, 1991) is an international attorney specializing in assisting multinational enterprises in managing their global risks, particularly in relation to compliance, data privacy, and taxation. She is a former university lecturer in international law, and a qualified US and UK attorney.

Leighton Peter Prabhu (MPhil, 1991) is a public accountant, auditor and financial advisor who has worked with clients in more than 25 countries. Peter is particularly experienced in the cross-border e-commerce sector, and has worked with both startups and international financial institutions.

Further details can be found on the attached press release.