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Global Health

The Global Health Theme, one of the key strands of work within The Bridge initiative at Hughes Hall, held its second event on Tuesday 30th April at the College. Around 40 people attended the session entitled Global Health for All, several of whom were drawn from the wider health ecosystem in Cambridge.

Four talks were presented: what is meant by Global Health (Dr Arthur Hibble); poor educational access arising from health inequalities (Dr Nidhi Singal and Dr Ricardo Sabates); the impact of climate change on Global Health (Dr James Smith); and the global challenges of infectious disease (Dr Vanessa Wong).

Healthy and fruitful panel discussion prompted by searching questions from the audience made for an engaging series of exchanges that reinforced a number of points to emerge from the evening’s presentations. First, that in addressing issues of Global Health it is critical to develop an interdisciplinary or trans-professional approach in order to effect a holistic treatment of the challenges. Second, whether these health challenges are in advanced or emerging economies, the role of government recognition of the challenges and enactment of regulatory legislation is going to be fundamental. Third, pressure from campaigns, professional organisations and personal actions is going to be important in eliciting action at government level. Fourth, education has a crucial role in developing greater consciousness of the determinants of good health and prevention of disease.

This was an excellent start to the activities of the Global Health Theme within The Bridge which will now go on to develop a programme to explore a range of sub-themes with direct bearing on Global Health.

Professor Nabeel Affara

From left: Dr Arthur Hibble, Dr Nidhi Singal, Dr Vanessa Wong, Dr Ricardo Sabates, Dr James Smith