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Enchantment: An Opera Entertainment at Hughes Hall


An Opera Entertainment

The Pavilion Room, Hughes Hall, Cambridge

8:00 p.m. on Saturday 14th March

Cambridge Royal Operatic Arts Centre (CROAC) has been damaged by Hurricane Luciano and needs a new roof. The repairs are going to cost £650,000, and if the money can’t be found the theatre will have to be closed, and the sound of opera lost for ever in the region. Our heroines Allegro, Brillante and Cantabile have worked at the theatre for many years and are committed to saving it. Will they succeed? Join them for a journey of spooky operatic shenanigans, through two hundred years of opera with sublime singing, and find out!

Written and directed by Bridget Hardy, and featuring excerpts from Alcina (Handel), Die Zauberflöte (Mozart), Macbeth (Verdi ), Carmen (Bizet) and Rusalka (Dvořàk)

With Chloë Beresford Jones (soprano), Alison Daniels (soprano) and Bridget Hardy (mezzo-soprano). Musical Director Ralph Woodward