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Hughes Hall Three Minute Thesis Competition 2019

“… do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few” (Pythagoras of Samos, 582 BC – c. 496 BC).

It usually takes years of hard work to research and develop a thesis, but would you be able to explain yours in just three minutes?

Hughes Hall students will be taking on the challenge at our fourth Three Minute Thesis Competition at Hughes Hall. The ability to present a concise argument justifying the significance and impact of the candidate’s research is invaluable. This exercise will support and develop the research student’s capacity to quickly explain their research in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. The event provides the perfect opportunity to hear the diversity of our research at Hughes, with last year’s competition showcasing research in education, health and science.

The competition presentations will take place on 28th February. Prizes will be awarded in different categories. Winning presentations will be granted up to £100.
All college members are welcome to come along and support the students.

 More about 3MT
The ability to explain your own work in an engaging, concise and comprehensible way is a pivotal asset in private and professional life. The Three Minutes Thesis® competition (3MT®), which was founded at the University of Queensland, Australia in 2008, aims to promote academic communication skills. In the past years the concept behind the competition has spread rapidly around the globe and today 3MT is held annually in over 200 Universities worldwide. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Research Associate Kyren Lazarus, 3MT was introduced to Hughes Hall (HH) in 2016 and has allowed HH students to benefit from this event ever since.

It is the central challenge of 3MT to present your research in only 3 minutes, in a concise and inspiring way that underscores the significance of your work and is understandable to a non-specialist audience of fellow students and senior members of the college.