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Dementia, Architecture, Music & Tech: Management beyond Pharmacomedicine

All of us know someone with dementia, and it’s often a close relative. Dementia poses a notorious challenge to pharmacomedicine and, despite intensive reseach, drug trials are often unsuccessful and disappointing. But what about non-pharmacomedical interventions? Could music, better designing of houses, technology help treat dementia? Join us for a unique educational talk over wine & soft drinks & nibbles. We will be hosting a neurologist, a researcher big in music & the brain, and a student at Hughes Hall, who will present his exciting field research abroad, on architecture for the demented.

This event is jointly hosted with the Cambridge Neurological Soicety and CamBrain (Neuroscience Soicety).

Everyone is welcome to register a ticket for free (using the Eventbrite link below), but we ask you to commit to event attendance or cancel well in advance if you cannot make it, as places are limited.


Jack Sardeson, MPhil Architecture and Urban Design Student at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. Jack Sardeson is a graduate researcher and Winston Churchill Fellow at the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge. His research explores the architectural consequences of dementia prevalence in the UK, highlighting, as it does, the need to rethink strategic care provision both at the programmatic and tectonic scale. His talk illustrates how architecture, by drawing upon typological innovation in Europe and contemporary neuroscience, can be suitably and sustainably adapted to meet the needs of this increasing demographic.

Dr Dennis Chan, University Lecturer, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, and Honorary Consultant at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

Prof Jörg Fachner, Professor of Music, Health & the Brain, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.