STEMM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine) are central to our everyday lives. STEMM has provided the innovations for important commodities such as airline transport and WIFI, as well as treatment of life-threatening diseases; yet, there are many more medical and technological breakthroughs to be made! Scientific research is a career for the curious, the bold, the dreamers, the innovators; in short, for the heroes of tomorrow. We want to share our passion for science with young students and encourage them to engage in critical thinking and to pursue scientific studies, especially for those who do not have many incentives or opportunities to do so.

The iLAB project aims to provide secondary school students the experience of university-level STEMM education, emphasising the links between the different subjects. We hope to stimulate the interest of students in STEMM subjects and show them the range of opportunities and questions that can be addressed.

We are postdoctoral researchers in STEMM subjects, each with a specific area of expertise. We design and deliver multi-week courses that approach a topical scientific question from multiple perspectives. The courses build on the standard curriculum to provide deeper explanations, discuss the latest discoveries and explore ideas through hands-on activities. Courses can be tailored for students in years 9 to 12, who are preparing for GCSEs or A-levels.

Please contact us at if you would like to host an iLAB course in your school or if you would like to participate in teaching one of our courses.