President and Governing Body Fellows

President and Governing Body Fellows



Dr Anthony Freeling























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Dr Sara Hennessy

Dr Danika Hill

Prof Ian Hodge (Director of Studies for Land Economy)

Dr Sonia Ilie

Prof Bill Irish

Dr Agnieszka Iwasiewicz-Wabnig

Dr Philip Johnston (Senior Tutor, Deputy Praelector, Director of Studies for Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion)

Dr Arne Jungwirth

Dr Bianca Jupp (Director of Studies for Psychological and Behavioural Science)

Prof Jim Kaufman

Dr Alastair Lockhart (Tutor, Operations Fellow, Honorary Co-Archivist)

Lena Milosevic (Development Director)

Prof Bill Nuttall

Dr John Park

Dr Ajith Parlikad (Tutor)

Dr Charles Pigott

Prof Jonathan Powell

Dr Aisling Redmond

Dr Sarah Rough (Director of Studies for Chemical Engineering)

Dr Corinne Roughley (Tutor, Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Director of Studies for Archaeology and Anthropology, Academic Resources Fellow)

Dr Carole Sargent (Tutor, Graduate Admissions Tutor, Director of Studies for Natural Sciences (Biological), Academic Convenor)

Dr Kishore Sengupta

Dr Eugene Shwageraus

Dr Nidhi Singal

Dr Jeffrey Skopek (Director of Studies for Law LLM and MCL)

Dr Jacob Stegenga (Director of Studies for Philosophy and for History and Philosophy of Science)

Dr Martin Steinfeld (Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Director of Studies for Law year 1)

Dr Andreas Stylianides

Dr Elizabeth Swann

Prof Paul Tracey

Dr Caroline Trotter

Dr Suzanne Turner (Tutor)

Prof Rupert Wegerif

Dr Clive Wells (Director of Studies for Mathematics BA and MASt)

Dr Jessica White (Director of Studies for Medicine years 3 and 4)

Dr Nigel Yandell (Director of Studies for Music)