Dr Avin Mirawdeli

Research Associate

Avîn is a BPS registered Chartered Psychologist working in the Faculty of Education’s Psychology, Education and Learning Studies Group. She is working within the area of speech, language and communication disorders. Avin’s current research is focussed on developing an automated speech recognition (ASR) algorithm that will enable the early identification and diagnosis of children in schools. This will, in turn, enable early intervention resulting in effective treatment or management.
Avin completed her doctoral studies in Experimental Psychology at University College London (UCL) and joined the University of Cambridge in 2017. Since joining the University, she has been awarded multiple grants to pursue her research and has attracted over 400K of funding for her work so far. After winning the internal university selection process, Avin applied for and won the ESRC New Investigator grant in August 2019 and is currently a Principle Investigator (PI) at the Faculty of Education.
Avin has worked as an hourly-paid lecturer (HPL) in multiple universities, such as UCL, LSBU and Cambridge. Outside of her research, Avin is also interested in applying behavioural insight research into her practice as a coaching psychologist.