Dr Emanuele Giovannetti

Governing Body Fellow, Director of Studies of Economics

Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and International Business, Anglia Ruskin University.

Emanuele’s research focuses on estimating market power in the Internet, on mobile Internet access, crowdfunding and adoption of new technologies. Emanuele is a member of the expert academic group on ICT4SDGs at the International Telecommunication Union and advised governments, competition authorities and businesses in Europe, Africa and Asia on these topics. Emanuele published on leading academic journals, including the:  International Economic Review, Economic Journal, International Journal of Industrial Organization, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Environment and Planning A and the International Journal of Forecasting, edited the special issue of Telecommunications Policy on “Peering and Roaming in the Internet” and co-edited  the “The Internet Revolution: A Global Perspective” for Cambridge University Press. Prior to his current position, he worked at the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Cambridge where he led the multidisciplinary EU Project, Cocombine, focusing on network competition and Internet infrastructure in Europe, at the Office of Fair Trading and he held Professorships at the University of Cape Town and the University of Verona.

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